Kitchen Organization Hacks for Small Spaces

Kitchen Organization Hacks for Small Spaces

January 9, 2024 0 By Stewart Marquez

Overflowing drawers and cabinets are common issues in kitchen storage, but a few smart strategies can help you keep things under control. We love these clever kitchen organization hacks that offer affordable, space-saving solutions that make it easier to find and access favorite utensils, tools, and cooking supplies.

Start by decluttering to avoid cramming too much into your small kitchen. Then try these pro chef hacks to streamline your space and make the most of every inch of storage.

1. Hanging Bar for Pots and Pans

Many kitchens have limited storage space, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with how you organize your cookware. Storing pots and pans on a wall or in a cabinet can be a great way to keep them out of sight but easily accessible, making it easy to cook your favorite meals.

Hanging racks are a simple solution that can be customized to fit your space. They make it easy to reach pots and pans while freeing up storage space in cabinets and drawers.

If you have a large enough kitchen, you can install a wrought iron hanging rack in your home. You can also use a tension rod in a cabinet and attach S hooks to hang your pots and pans.

2. Lazy Susan for Food Storage

The classic circular Lazy Susan seen on tables is actually quite useful in your kitchen as well. The unsuspecting household product makes food storage like jars, cans, and spices easily accessible in hard-to-reach cabinets.

Organizing a cabinet or drawer with a lazy susan is especially helpful for deep freezers, where items can get lost in the back. It’s also a great solution for silverware, which can get stuck in the bottom of drawers. You can make your own using pool noodles cut to size or find one on Amazon that fits in standard cabinets.

For ease of organization, Gabai suggests theming your lazy Susans, such as having one for herbs and spices, another for canned goods and bottles that often get pushed to the back of shelves, and one for non-perishable pantry items. Keeping similar items together helps you see what you have and notice when you’re running low.

3. Pull-Out Spice Rack

Spices are a common place to stash clutter, but they don’t have to be ugly or hard to access. Whether you opt for purpose-made storage racks or integrated them into your shelving ideas, spice storage systems can improve cabinet space usage and make the most of your kitchen shelving.

Use risers to create extra shelf space in tight cabinets. Wooden tiers look chic and allow you to store spices on the bottom and lesser-used items up top without having to shuffle jars around.

If you have a bare corner cabinet, add a pull-out spice rack to hold everything from candies and snacks to coffee and cooking staples. These versatile organizers can fit in even the tiniest of gaps and make it easy to see what you have.

4. Junk Drawer Organization

We all have a junk drawer – but it doesn’t have to be a mess. Adding a few drawer organizers or dividers will help everything stay contained and organized, so it’s easy to find what you need. Play Tetris with your space to see what dividers will fit and work best for your categories (for example, crayons and paint should go in the basement or a child’s art box; ketchup and mustard packets can go in a kitchen pantry).

Once you’ve organized within the drawer, be sure to label each section so it’s clear for everyone in the house to know where to put things back when they’re finished using them. And don’t forget to regularly declutter the drawer so it stays tidy! For more tips on decluttering, check out our Home Organizing category.

5. Pantry Organization

Whether it’s for weeknight dinners, portable lunches or baking, pantry organization is essential. Begin with a thorough decluttering and cleaning, tossing expired items and mismatched lids in the trash. Then, choose organizers that fit the space and your needs. Choose bins and containers that are clear so you can easily see their contents, and consider using cool labels to dress them up.

Add pan and pot lid racks, narrow wall-mounted shelving or a hanging utensil caddy to make the most of available space. And if you have pantry door storage attachments like those from KraftMaid, you can hang bins or baskets on them for easy access to after-school snacks and other household essentials. You could also use a Lazy Susan on a pantry door for even more food storage.