Buying a Bedroom Lamp

Buying a Bedroom Lamp

December 12, 2023 0 By Brett Simons

An effective bedroom lamp can make your bedside appear organized and tidy, and should fit the size and decor of any existing nightstands.

This lamp offers sleek modern style with plenty of functionality. You can control its remote lighting features remotely and adjust brightness levels or choose from millions of color options available to you.


Style of bedroom lamps will set the scene for your space, from modern lamps that create a contemporary ambiance to more classic pieces with soft fabric shades that create cozier environments. Lamps come in various sizes and shapes that complement any decorating scheme – use one to accent bed linens, wall art or any other decorative elements in the room!

As a general guideline, when sitting up in bed reading it’s wise to place the bottom of the lampshade at approximately level with your chin. This ensures that light doesn’t directly hit your eyes while reading which can strain both neck and eyes over time.

Add an eye-catching lamp design to your nightstand or bedside table to give it that special something. Designs by Human has designed this bedroom using black overhead pendant lamps paired with white bedside lamps for visual interest and a sophisticated look, complementing its wood slat headboard beautifully.


At the end of each day, your bedroom is an environment for restful relaxation and recovery, signaling to your brain through lower lighting that it’s time for sleep. Therefore, an adjustable color temperature bedside lamp would be an ideal way to promote this transition into restful slumber.

An effective nightstand lamp should not only be simple to operate but should also add aesthetic value to your room. A classic wooden base or sleek and modern lampshade will fit seamlessly into most interior styles; for a minimalist approach, consider selecting one without one at all.

When purchasing a nightstand lamp, make sure it fits perfectly on your nightstand. As a guideline, ideally it should cover one-third to two-thirds of the width of your nightstand at its widest point (either the base or bottom of shade). This ensures it doesn’t become overwhelming or get lost on its surface.


Bedroom lamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, offering you plenty of design choices. That way you can select one that best fits with the decor in your bedroom while adding visual interest.

As opposed to bedside wall sconces, floor lamps offer greater mobility for lighting various parts of a room – this can come in handy for reading or other activities in bed.

Make sure the lamp you select for bedside reading is of ideal height when selecting it. Interior designers use an “ideal lamp height rule”, whereby the bottom of the lampshade should rest at about the same level as your chin when sitting up in bed in order to provide sufficient illumination when reading. A lamp that matches the height of your nightstand plus 2-3 inches should work best and prevent shadows being cast by it on books and other objects on your nightstand.


Bedroom lamps serve more than aesthetic purposes: they also serve a practical one by providing focused illumination for reading or other activities in bed. To get optimal results from bedroom lamps, the shade must be at eye-level when sitting up in bed – providing light exactly where needed.

Bedroom sconces can help create visual interest and draw the eye towards decorative elements or photos in your room, drawing the viewer’s eye. Choose a style that complements the aesthetic of your bedroom decor for maximum impact.

An effective bedroom needs a mixture of general and accent lighting types. This may include overhead fixtures like recessed and pendant fixtures as well as lamps on nightstands and wall sconces for visual interest and functionality. Layering these lights creates an inviting yet functional aesthetic in the space.