Trends in Kitchen Floor Tiles

Trends in Kitchen Floor Tiles

November 28, 2023 0 By Brett Simons

Floors are the heart of any kitchen and selecting a tile can make a big difference in its atmosphere and functionality. There is an expansive array of styles and materials from which to select.

Manmade tiles are more cost-effective while natural stone has more character and elegance. If you have children or are prone to accidents, smooth surfaces are recommended over pitted stones which may collect dirt and be slippery.

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are an eye-catching tile shape that adds an eye-catching geometric aesthetic to any space. Their six-sided polygon shape takes inspiration from nature’s honeycombs, organic molecules and snowflakes for its balanced yet symmetrical aesthetic.

Hexagon tile comes in various materials such as ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. Elongated hexagon tiles make a room feel bigger by creating less grout lines; white hexagon tile combined with light grout gives a timeless classic aesthetic.

For rustic charm, choose wood-look hexagon tiles which evoke the natural aesthetics of rich oak, vintage chestnut or weathered barnwood. Wood-look hexagon tiles add warmth, earthy elements and natural charm into kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms alike.

Blue Tiles

Blue tiles can add an elegant maritime ambience to your home. Pair them with earthy tones like green and brown for an organic vibe or add brightly colored accents for an energetic vibe.

Light blue tile provides a peaceful and relaxing look in any kitchen space, while darker hues add drama. Sky blue and baby blue tiles pair nicely with neutrals to bring in natural light while navy blue offers luxurious aesthetic.

Greatmats offers a selection of foam floor mats that provide soft, shock-absorbent cushion for standing, working or playing on. Many of our blue foam flooring products also add an eye-catching splash.

Yellow Tiles

Yellow tiles offer an elegant choice for kitchen floors and backsplashes, offering creative possibilities when arranged into stunning patterns. Plus, their wide array of shades and finishes allows homeowners to find just the right hue that speaks to them!

These tiles make an excellent addition to kitchens because of their durability and easy cleanup. Plus, they can withstand spills and stains easily! Plus they pair nicely with other materials like wood to add interest.

If you want to bring an eclectic touch into your home, try pairing yellow tiles in a mosaic pattern with other vibrant hues like turquoise. Yellow will stand out against its neutral backdrop and help make sure your home stands out as unique.

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are an eye-catching interior design choice that will draw the eye to any room they grace. Available in an array of colors, patterns and textures – making them versatile enough for use in any setting – these bold tiles come from porcelain ceramic and natural stone materials for you to select from.

Geometric tile patterns are a trendy trend, often featuring bold contrast of colors for an eye-catching effect. Encaustic-style tiles, inspired by traditional cement tile designs, also are often utilized to add vintage or retro charm in any given space.

Other patterned tiles made of vinyl offer cost-effective alternatives to marble and granite flooring, making it easier and cleaner. Their variety of patterns and colours also makes cleaning simpler than with marble and granite floors, and when selecting one it is important to keep in mind the rest of the room’s color scheme; otherwise a boldly patterned tile could become overwhelming when the rest of it features neutral tones.