Small House Floor Plan

Small House Floor Plan

August 30, 2021 Off By Brett Simons

Small House Design is not that new concept that has come to us lately. Earlier the houses were designed in big sizes. But gradually with change in time small house designs have also gained popularity. Small houses do not consume a large chunk of land. The maximum of space is occupied by doors, closets, drawing rooms, sleeping accommodation and storage. If we take into account the number of people who can be accommodated in this kind of small house design then it becomes evident that it is a very economical option.

A small house design is easier to maintain. This category is seldom prescribed especially for the ones who have a small plot area and wish to use an out of the box idea to its fullest. But homes designed in this smaller scale allows a lot of freedom and flexibility unlike that of normal homes where the entire design depends on the plot area.

People with restricted budgets can use small house plans to create a stylish yet economically sound dwelling. There are a variety of small house designs available that can match any of your taste and budget. Some of the most common and popular designs include Single Story Cottages, Cottage Homes, bungalows, log cabins, studios, roosters, bungalows with green roofs, lofts, studio apartments, terraces, gables, pediments, terraces, gazebos, etc. The most important aspect of these designs is that they are made in such a way so as to provide a maximum amount of sunlight, air conditioning or heating as per the weather conditions and location of location

All these designs and variations have an average selling price of about 3500 sq feet. These prices vary according to the size and layout of the home. For instance a small house design with about five rooms will cost more than a similar but larger design with about ten rooms. Small house designs are mainly preferred for residential purposes. They are also preferred by people who want to live in an environment that is different from that of their office or home. You could opt for such designs if you live in Florida or any other sunny state where climate is mild and conducive to enjoy the benefits of residing in such homes.

One of the most important features of small house plans is the space to be used for living purpose. These can range from a single room to bungalow like arrangements. The outdoor space of your abode can be decorated in a similar way to that of your living room. Some of the outdoor spaces of these houses can even be used for hosting parties or special occasions. With a bigger outdoor space, you can have a pool or even a small grill in your outdoor space for grilling meat.

Many people prefer smaller homes in areas that receive lesser amount of sunlight or receive lesser amount of temperature variations. Fewer homes are constructed in areas which receive good amount of weather conditions as they are located in the coastal areas. More often, people prefer homes that have more square footage in the outdoor spaces than those homes which have smaller outdoor spaces. A majority of these houses have six to eight sq feet of outdoor space for living purposes and those with larger homes have about twenty to thirty sq feet of outdoor space for living purposes.