Tips For Designing A Powder Room In Your Home

Tips For Designing A Powder Room In Your Home

August 22, 2021 Off By Brett Simons

If you are on a tight budget but need to remodel your bathroom, why not consider installing a powder room? A powder room is often referred to as either a guest bathroom or a half shower. It usually only features two of the most important elements that a bathroom needs, typically a sink and toilet. A powder room is typically located on the first level of a multi-level property, which makes it easily accessible by guests and relatives who do not wish to travel up to an upstairs bathroom.

In a powder room, you will need a vanity with at least one sink and two toilet sinks. The usual shape for a vanity is a rectangular shape, however, you may also find them in oval, or round shapes. The size of your vanity will be based on how many people you expect to be using it, so measure the largest portion of your body to determine how large your vanity should be. If you intend to make use of a medicine cabinet with a light fixture, then your vanity should be about three feet, four inches wide and deep. This allows for enough space to open the doors and flush the toilet, change a toothbrush, or hang a shower curtain.

Other than the size of the vanity, the material type, and vanity top choice, there are no other specific specifications for the powder room. As with any building project, the aesthetic quality of the finished product is integral to achieving the intended end result. One of the main concerns with the visual interest of a powder room can be related to the flooring. Bathroom flooring is usually constructed from non-slip material such as tiles, so it is very important to choose the right tile to cover the floor. Some homeowners choose a wood composite subfloor instead of a traditional subfloor to help avoid the risk of water damage that can occur with a traditional subfloor.

Once you have selected your subflooring and completed the fixtures for your light fixture and vanity cabinet, you are ready to select the tile for your powder room. Because the tiles can be quite large in size, selecting the right color palette can help improve the appearance of the room. Bright, vibrant colors are often used for a powder room, but you can also opt for a more subdued hue if you have a small bathroom space. Another option is to use a solid neutral color on the walls and several different patterns on the flooring. This can give you the opportunity to match the colors and patterns you like most regardless of the size of your room.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some homeowner prefer to add more than one bathroom vanity to their powder rooms. If you opt for more than one bathroom vanity, you need to determine if you will be able to store other items, such as towels and hair dryers, in your new powder room. You also need to determine how you will hide your toilet and plumbing lines and whether it will be more functional or attractive to hide them. Hiding the lines and pipes in your bathroom can help improve its appearance, but if you can’t afford to have these items moved, you might want to consider building a separate powder room.

Installing a powder room in your home will help you save money by improving the appearance of your bathrooms, while saving you space. If you have a small bathroom, installing a walk-in toilet will provide easier access to your sinks and vanity tops. If you have a larger bathroom space, installing a vanity or walk-in sink vanity will allow you to store other items, including a hand dryer, under your sink, and improve the way your sink looks overall.