Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

September 28, 2021 Off By Brett Simons

Bathroom mirrors are an integral part of any bathroom, providing the much needed reflection for grooming and bathroom accessories. When most of us think of a bathroom mirror, however, they imagine one large, clear, reflective piece of glass that simply sits above the vanity top. Bathroom mirrors come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to perfectly suit your personal bathroom and complement your decor to make it as stylish as possible. Large bathroom mirrors, corner mirrors, and wall mirrors are just a few options that are available to you.

A. Styles and Types of Bathroom Mirrors To start off with, there are many different types and styles of bathroom mirrors to consider. These include framed mirrors, framed and frameless, wall-mounted and floor-mounted, back-lit or non-back-lit and frosted or etched glass. Your choice of design scheme will depend on your personal preference and the theme or overall aesthetic of your bathroom. For example, framed mirrors are great for rooms that have a traditional or antique design scheme. Framed designs generally have clean, simple lines and are great for rooms that do not have intricate detail but a simple, clean look is more elegant.

B. Styles and Types of Bathroom Mirrors In addition to the general shape of mirrors, they can also be constructed out of various materials including glass, acrylic, wood, fiberglass, metallic, and several others. Each material used in construction of mirrors has its own unique appearance, finish, and level of brilliance. Glass bathroom mirrors are some of the most popular and widely purchased. Acrylic glass are very clear, lightweight, and versatile while wood and metal frames are usually a bit more expensive.

C. Bathroom Finishes Mirrors also come in different styles, with the most common being matte and gloss. Gloss finish mirrors are a bit more expensive than other finishes due to their higher gloss, more radiant view, and unique appearance. Matte finish mirrors are popular because of their durable and low glare property. These types of mirrors tend to have lesser visual appeal.

D. Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirrors Wall mounted mirrors are the most common form of bathroom mirror found today, as they provide the best amount of light into a room and are usually mounted on the wall. Wall mirrors generally come in framed and frameless styles. Some models may also include a base and removable glass or acrylic top which can be used for decorative purposes. These types of mirrors are not commonly mounted on the floor but are typically mounted on a wall.

E. Built-In Bathroom Mirrors A bathroom mirror that is installed into a wall is called built-in. There are many reasons why people install built-in mirrors in their bathrooms. They are a good choice for smaller bathrooms as these do not take up much space. If you are planning to install a bathroom built-in mirror, you should consider buying one with an integrated light kit. This type of mirror usually includes a lamp shade and light bulb so it will create a natural light effect.