Furniture For Rent in New York

Furniture For Rent in New York

January 10, 2023 0 By Brett Simons

If you’re looking to rent furniture, you’re in luck! You can find all sorts of great options, from CORT to Feather and more. There are several different types of rentals, from couches to tables and chairs, so you’re bound to find something that fits your tastes. Plus, you’ll get to rent it when you need it, instead of having to pay for it right away.


Whether you are moving to a new home or want to add some extra style to your current space, a rent to own furniture option could be for you. The rental process takes away the hassle of delivery, assembling, and storage.

There are a few different types of furniture for rent. Some companies will offer a selection of individual pieces, while others will provide complete packages. Each type of furnishings has its own benefits, and the choice depends on your preferences and budget.

Feather is a furniture rental company that offers affordable prices on a wide variety of furnishings. The company also provides free delivery and assembly services. Their discounts include discount living room and bedroom sets, as well as discounted home office packages.


Feather is a furniture rental company that allows customers to rent home furniture without the hassle. Customers get new pieces delivered right to their door in as little as seven days. They also have the option to buy the furniture they like at the end of their lease. This service is especially good for individuals who rent homes or are roommates.

Feather is one of the most innovative companies in the furniture rental space. It allows people to make their living spaces more stylish and inviting. With its flexible rental services, customers can select from professionally-curated packages or mix and match individual items.


Conjure is a startup based in New York City that offers furniture for rent. It has more than 150 pieces in four collections: West Village, SoHo, East Village and Tribeca. All pieces are curated by designers and artisans, and are available for lease or purchase.

Founded in 2015, Conjure aims to give users access to designer-curated collections. They also aim to make furniture more accessible and sustainable.

The company’s offerings include furniture for any room in the home. A number of desks are available for $10 a month with a 12-month lease. Another option is to trade in items for store credit.

Casa One

Casa One is a furniture and home goods platform with an extensive inventory of high-end furniture, decor items, and fitness equipment. With over 4,000 items in stock, customers can rent furniture, gym equipment, or patio furnishings for a short or long term. Depending on the rental agreement, customers can keep the items they rent, or purchase them outright.

The company is currently available in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Orange County, and Baltimore. It has plans to expand to additional cities and product categories.

Casa One’s inventory includes a variety of brand name and independent furniture and decor items. They also offer patio furnishing rentals and home staging services. Customers can choose from seasonal or unique items such as holiday decor, picture frames, and wall art.


If you’re looking for a company to rent furniture in New York, CORT may be the solution for you. With over a decade in the business, CORT has become one of the leading providers of residential rental furniture in the nation.

You’ll be impressed by the number of products they offer, including accent pieces, conference tables, bookcases, beds, seating and more. They also provide interior design services and have more than 150 showrooms across the United States.

Furniture for rent is a great way to expand your housing options without breaking the bank. Not only do you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of furnishings, you can prioritize your needs and lifestyle over location.

Furniture Rentals, Inc

Whether you need furniture for a new home, for temporary living situations or for a wedding, there is a rental furniture company for you. They can provide you with stylish couches, wall decor and rugs.

For example, a lease that offers free delivery is the sign of a reputable furniture rental company. One that allows you to swap out your furniture for something new at the end of the lease is also a good idea.

Furniture rental companies also offer solutions for homeowners and renters who are preparing their houses for sale. These companies are popular among real estate agents and homeowners alike.