DIY Bathroom Renovation Tips for a Stunning Makeover

DIY Bathroom Renovation Tips for a Stunning Makeover

May 23, 2024 0 By Stewart Marquez

That’s because a good bathroom remodel involves careful planning, and takes skill to pull off – particularly for more labour-intensive jobs such as tiling and shower replacement, which are better left to experienced contractors with the right equipment.

Yet there is no shortage of DIY bathroom renovating ideas that are easy to do and effective – you and your bathroom can be transformed for the better.

Paint the Walls

Painting is one of the quickest and cheapest home improvement projects for a bathroom. Colour that reflects your tastes and flow of your room is recommended.

Make sure the paint you choose is latex. And pick a semi-gloss or gloss finish. That’s because latex paints, particularly ones with semi-gloss or gloss finishes, resist moisture better, making them less likely to grow mould and mildew. Likewise, when it comes to the finish you pick on your paint, look for washable paint finishes. These will be much easier to keep clean, and they’ll actually last longer than flat paint finishes as well.

First, you might want to map out the location of all existing utility connections before hacking away drywall or breaking down walls, so you don’t cause a blackout or burst water pipes during renovations. You don’t want to set up expensive ‘stop work’ orders, do you? Or have someone get electrocuted?

Retile the Shower/Tub

If you notice that the tiles in your bathroom are looking a little bit tired and out-dated, you may want to think about retiling for a newer and updated look. although retiling can be a fairly time-and labour-intensive project, it will make the space look fresh and modern.

make sure you choose a colour scheme that matches your personal style and (more importantly) your interior decor; make sure you have the DIY chops to complete all of the job requirements.

Bathtubs and showers are waterproof only if professionally installed; otherwise you’ll get a costly mistake. If not equipped with the right skills and tools, contact your local contractor.

Install a New Vanity

The vanity is the bathroom fixture with the single greatest impact on your bathroom’s visual experience, so tackle this project only if you have plumbing and carpentry experience.

And there are a few preparations to make before you ever lift a finger, from turning off the water coming into your home by shutting the valve below your sink to emptying out your current faucet (by turning on its hot and cold valves and draining its drain P-trap of water). And you will want to remove your old vanity cabinet, cutting away the caulking around the backsplash; from here you can easily install your new vanity cabinet.

Install the new vanity cabinet into place, and level it side-to -side and front-to-back with wood shims per manufacturer’s instructions. Install the sink and faucet, and then install the water and drain lines, per manufacturer’s recommendations, and, if applicable, connect any branch drain line and install vanity drains (if necessary).

Install New Fixtures

There are many ways to add fun elements to the bathroom with the existing furniture; maybe you’re looking to transform your bathroom but don’t have a lot of money. So, here are some easy ideas that you can implement which will give your bathroom a more attractive appearance.

Perhaps some pieces of decoration like a modern wall hook for hand towels or a toilet paper holder will be sufficient, or an integrated fan could prevent moisture problems by providing air suction.

The first step towards a successful DIY renovation is a plan – a plan that articulates some sense of the vision and your aesthetic needs, as well as the DIY skills you have developed. This will help formulate designs that match your skill set and make a project more likely to be completed.

Install a New Toilet

If you are about to embark on a DIY bathroom remodel, it is important to remember that personal taste and general DIY skills should be the guiding principles when selecting materials and storage and utility systems you want to use. This will make the design the most aesthetically pleasing while at the same time catering to your specific needs.

If you manage your bathroom renovation from beginning to end, you can keep the costs down and end up with a space you know has been designed specifically for you and your wishes. With a little forethought and some attention to detail, your bathroom can become your personal private escape – and then just add that decorative flourish at the end to complete the picture. Your bathroom deserves it!