Wood and Concrete – Two Complementary Elements for Your House

Wood and Concrete – Two Complementary Elements for Your House

February 21, 2022 0 By Brett Simons

Have you tried browsing the internet to look for design inspiration for your house? One design that has received high appreciation lately is the combination of wood and concrete. Homeowners who have had their properties designed by interior designers and architects usually love complimenting the rugged concrete cement finish with a rustic or sleek smooth wood finish. These two fine materials have a way of beautifully contrasting each other, giving a decent, sleek, and intense atmosphere. 

Industrial designs originated from apartments that were previously factories. For instance, many rustic apartments in New York city follow this renovation and remodeling. An increased appreciation for this aesthetic can be seen because of its uncompromising fashion that takes you somewhere from the past. Today, homeowners found this uncommon trend appealing because it is relatively unique. That is why residential contractors and other subsectors down the line, such as title companies, wood manufacturers, and even cabinet and closet companies, have found a new profitable trend in the market, and the good part of it is that people who love this aesthetic are still growing in numbers. 

What is an Industrial design?

In interior design, the industrial design focuses on appreciating rawness and a casual atmosphere. While most house plumbing works conceal pipelines and tubes, industrial aesthetics use these elements to increase the raw finish of the house in a very fashionable and thoughtful way. 

Woods and concrete finish go together very well that these two elements are often used to express the aesthetic thoughtfully and with style. 

These days, cabinet companies manufacture many cabinet designs aligned with industrial structures. And because the industrial aesthetic is popularly used in residential properties and commercial offices, this particular type of design is gaining more popularity.

Why can you finish the house without paint?

Unlike other aesthetic themes, industrial designs do not use much paint. The rawness and unevenness of the concrete walls and the imperfection of the rustic wood give a simple but elegant finish. However, you can also add some paint touches in some areas of your walls to induce a pop of color and give vibrancy to the entire room.

If you do not have a design on your mind for cabinet makers to make, do not worry. Some homeowners buy prefabricated rustic quality cabinets from trusted kitchen cabinet makers that offer various industrial aesthetic designs.  

Why keeping the color palette as neutral as possible necessary?

An almost monochromatic color palette completes the rawness finish of your industrial-themed house. Down-to-earth colors in the same palette of brown, beige, gray, white, and black can be used as the primary shade. Some vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, and emerald green are used to make a centerpiece or a statement – colors usually found in furniture and fixtures such as customized cabinets and custom-made closets. 

The use of neutral color makes the room more consistent with the theme without any irregular components that fundamentally contrast the overall aesthetic. Do not hesitate to call the kitchen cabinet company Orlando near you and get a quote!