How to Choose a Bathroom Cabinet to Complement Your Vanity and Bathtub

How to Choose a Bathroom Cabinet to Complement Your Vanity and Bathtub

July 10, 2023 0 By Brett Simons

Bathroom cabinets offer long-term storage solutions while adding style and character to your space. Ideally, they should match or complement the aesthetic of both your vanity and bathtub for optimal results.

Wire basket stacks make an elegant and decorative way to store towels and linens on bathroom walls, choosing similar-sized baskets to ensure a cohesive appearance.

Navy Blue

Navy blue bathroom vanities add timeless style and grace to bathrooms of all styles. Modern or traditional, navy vanities make a bold statement that never goes out of fashion; pairing with brass hardware adds another level of warmth and cool tones to complement it well.

If you prefer light blue vanity instead, this design by Charlie Interiors makes an elegant space that feels refreshing and relaxing. They combine barely-there blue with white panel wainscotting for an exquisite result that feels fresh and clean.

Matte Black

Matte black can bring unexpected drama into a bathroom. It pairs beautifully with white or natural wood surfaces, and works well to create two-toned looks. Furthermore, brass elements enhance its beauty.

Modern angled lines distinguish this stylish wall-mounted vanity cabinet in beautiful latte oak finish with matte black hardware. A large handleless drawer and open shelving offer plenty of storage to organize all your bath essentials.

Matte black faucets and hardware make a statement in Emily Henderson’s mountain-house kitchen, which also utilizes matte black paint on its ceiling for an eye-catching two-tone look.


White bathroom cabinets create the illusion of space and freshness in any bathroom, complementing any design style from traditional, coastal, and Scandinavian.

Choose moisture-resistant and durable materials for your bathroom cabinets, such as plywood or MDF (medium density fiberboard) that can withstand constant humidity in a bathroom environment. Wood veneers won’t stand up well against this environment – opt for cheaper yet stronger options like plywood or MDF (medium density fiberboard), such as this.

PVC is also an ideal material choice, as it is completely resistant to moisture and water damage.


Purple bathroom cabinets can create an appealing aesthetic. Their bold color works well with other hues and patterns for an eye-catching appearance in your space, from moody or royal vibes to modern charm.

Add visual texture and visual interest with floral or geometric wall painting patterns or wallpaper patterns on shower or vanity backsplashes. Alternatively, opt for floral/geometric wallpaper patterns to give walls more texture.

Add luxurious hues to your bathroom for a luxurious and lavish aesthetic, from vibrant amethyst hues to pastel lilac shades for relaxation. Deep purple provides an eye-catching aesthetic while vibrant amethyst will energize any space, while pastel lilac offers soothing ambience.

Natural Wood

Wood materials add warmth to the trendy modern aesthetic that is popular today, creating a more grounded and natural bathroom atmosphere.

Birch wood is an ideal material to choose for bathroom cabinets because it holds paint well and resists moisture well, at an affordable cost. Birch isn’t as luxurious as some high-end wood types but still makes an economical statement in your bathroom space.

AOJEZOR’s narrow wooden cabinet is an effective way to store toiletries and other items without taking up too much floor space. Equipped with push-release drawers for easy use and featuring an eye-catching Rustic Natural Wood finish that complements any decor scheme, this compact storage solution makes the ideal storage solution.


Pink isn’t limited to nursery rooms and children’s bedrooms – it works equally well in modern, vintage and traditional spaces as well. Take this contemporary bathroom for example – its gorgeous pastel shade of pink complements the marble herringbone tile and vanity top beautifully, adding subtle contrast with oil-rubbed bronze knobs and black frame mirror.

If you don’t want to commit to painting the whole room pink, patterned wallpaper could add subtle yet fun touches of pink without overwhelming the space. Palm-themed options offer tropical appeal that pair beautifully with white freestanding tubs and brass hardware in this space.


The Arezzo Matt Teal Green Industrial Style Bathroom Cabinet is an ideal storage solution for modern bathrooms. Boasting an on-trend round matt black knurled detail handle and plenty of storage space for toiletries, this wall hung tall storage cabinet comes complete with wall fixings for simple setup and easy use.

Yellow and teal floor tiles make an eye-catching combination in this cottage bathroom, where brown rustic dual washstands adorned with brass knobs sit atop a honed marble countertop, under frameless medicine cabinets adorned with nickel sconces. A white kitchen island featuring blue cabinets adorned with brass bar shelves sits teal leather t-back stools while white display shelves rest atop its peninsula peninsula.