Add Style and Function With Bathroom Accessories

Add Style and Function With Bathroom Accessories

February 23, 2024 0 By Brett Simons

Bathroom accessories are small fittings designed to set a particular atmosphere or add some flair. From shower baskets and soap dispensers, to candle sconces and clocks, these pieces add both character and functionality to your bathroom space.

As an example, robe hooks help keep robes within reach while simultaneously helping keep countertops free from clutter. A kids’ toothbrush holder encourages neat habits with fun themes like camp-themed ones.

Robe Hooks

Robe hooks may be overlooked when it comes to bathroom accessories, but their addition can make a major impact. Intended to hold robes and towels securely while giving easy access when getting out of the shower or tub, these convenient hooks can make an immediate impactful statement in your washroom. Installed behind doors or directly on walls they offer quick and easy access when getting dressed for shower or bath time.

Robe hooks can also be an ideal solution for smaller bathrooms with limited space, as they’re an effective way to organize multiple hand towels, washcloths and your robe without cluttering countertops or floors. A towel bar may only hold large towels while one single robe hook can store everything neatly without creating additional clutter on countertops or floors.

Robe hooks come in various styles, materials, and finishes to meet your decor preferences and coordinate with other bathroom hardware fixtures like towel bars and rings. A stainless steel rectangular robe hook placed beside a black circular towel ring can instantly elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom space.

Soap Dish

Soap dishes are an inexpensive bathroom accessory that can add an elegant finishing touch to your shower or sink area. From wall-mounted versions to freestanding designs, soap dishes provide easy access to soaps and other bottles without cluttering countertops.

Soap dish covers extend the life of soap bars by keeping them dry between uses and reducing gummy residue build-up, helping prolong their shelf life. They come in various designs and materials to complement any bathroom decor; stainless steel frames reflect modern aesthetics while porcelain and ceramic can easily fit in with various design styles.

Soap dishes are essential components of modern, transitional or traditional bathrooms alike – be they shower or sink-based. Choose a style that best accentuates the decor in your space, and take pleasure from using it every time you wash up!

Shower Curtains & Liner

Add an eye-catching splash of color and extra protection from water with a shower curtain or liner! Available in multiple styles and materials to meet every decor preference.

Many liners contain plastic-y aromas when fresh from their packages, so they may need time to air out before you use them in your home. Still, they are durable and wash well for easy cleanup, with weighted bottom hems or magnets that reduce any chance of clinging or stickinginess and keep them secure in place.

Decorative shower curtains with hand-stitched decorations or embellishments are an elegant and cost-effective way to give your bathroom a custom feel without breaking the bank. Easy to hang, they come in an array of colors and patterns that complement any style – some even feature waterproof coatings to help protect the walls!

Toilet Brush & Holder

An aesthetic, modern toilet brush and holder set is a simple way to increase functionality in your bathroom. Wider options can accommodate an entire family’s worth of toothbrushes while sleeker designs are designed specifically to hold one or two toothbrushes. Sturdy trays organize cotton balls, makeup wipes and bath products while decorative canisters with eye-catching finishes add visual interest in any sink space.

Testing revealed that this toilet bowl cleaner brush remained stable while holding its full load of bristles, and offered few hiding places for germs to reside. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably into the hand, and rotating brushes easily reached hard-to-reach spots in the bowl.

With a toilet paper stand that’s simple to grab and stays put, extra toilet paper rolls will always be close at hand. Choose a design that complements other bathroom accessories or choose a clear option that blends in seamlessly.