Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

October 7, 2021 Off By Brett Simons

Trends come and go. Bathroom decor is no exception. Whether it be wallpaper to seashells, there are all kinds of trends and styles for bathroom decorations so there are those you may question and then there are those you simply love. It is time to get out there and start searching for bathroom decorating ideas!

When choosing a theme for your bathroom decor, don’t go with the first thing that comes to mind. As my mom used to say, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Choosing a theme will give you bathroom decorating ideas as well as purchasing tools for you to put your theme into effect.

If your bathroom decor is more contemporary, then a trend that is gaining in popularity is the floating shelves. Floating shelves are not real shelves that sit right on the floor. Instead they are shelves that are designed to be suspended in the air. This gives you a great deal of options when it comes to bathroom decor as you can create the illusion of a larger room if you so desire. For example, by placing one shelf at the end of a long shower and one in the corner you can make your bathroom seem much larger than it actually is.

Other great bathroom decoration themes are the bathroom wall decorations. Wall decals are not only functional, but they can also be a nice touch when it comes to making your bathroom seem more modern. Some of the most popular wall decals are made to look like clouds, stars, rainbows, etc… The great thing about these decals is that you can get them in any kind of size to perfectly fit your bathroom. Another popular theme for bathroom wall stickers is the toilet topper. Toilet toppers are not real, but they are considered to be decorative accessories to any bathroom.

One of the best bathroom ideas for small spaces is a soap dish with a holder on top. Mason jars have always been great accessories for bathroom decorating and there are plenty of decorative mason jars that you can purchase to adorn your bathroom. These mason jars are typically small, so it won’t take up too much of your room. Some of the more common mason jars that people use are labeled “silver linings”. This type of mason jar is typically silver and has a white lid with clear glass inside.

If you are looking for some more unique bathroom decorating ideas then you might want to consider using a “farminghouse bathroom”. A farmhouse bathroom is typically dark and uninviting; however if you incorporate a few touches from a farmhouse bathroom, you can give your bathroom a modern feel and make it look much larger than it really is. One of the easiest ways to create a farmhouse bathroom is by choosing a solid color paint and adding barn clay tile to your shower curtain and floor tiles. Adding a few accessories like a bathroom rug and matching bath towels will complete the look of your bathroom and make it look like you took a trip to an old southern farmhouse!